Question What you like to do as a Freelancer

Every freelancer or business owner needs a client questionnaire, also known as a project planner. The benefits are numerous, but which questions to add and what to omit can lead to a client walking away or not giving you enough information. Ultimately, a client questionnaire is used to skip that first long phone call or meeting but there are other benefits

Making potential clients fill out a questionnaire has many benefits including:

Weed out people “just looking” or price checking to get the best deal
Find out the client contact’s knowledge of design and the design process
It lets clients know they are not purchasing a product off the shelf (a website is a whole lot more than that)
Gets the client thinking about what they actually need
Saves you time asking the same questions from every client
Gives you a starting point for your first meeting


What questions to ask can take a little bit of trial and error to figure out. You don’t want to bombard a potential client with a hundred questions to fill out, they may look elsewhere or skip most of it. On the flip side, not asking enough or asking the wrong questions means you will have more to talk about during your meeting.

Here is a sample questionnaire. I stuck to the basics so that clients will be more likely to actually fill the whole thing out.

1. What do you want your website to do for your organization? (business objectives) It can be more than one thing.

2. Describe your organization in three sentences or less.

3. Who are your top 3 competitors? (even non-profits have competition)

4. Who will be the primary contact for this project and who else will be involved?

5. Where will the content for the website (the most important part) come from? Content includes: logo, branding material, written copy for the website, tagline and marketing slogans, color scheme, photos, product information, etc. If you don’t have any of these, mention it below.

7. What special consideration or features does this website need to have?

7. What is the budget for this project?

8. How do you plan on getting traffic to your website?

9. What current advertising are you doing?


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