Ten easy ways to make email more efficient

When you read and react to email as it arrives you could be losing time
better spent on more important tasks. Start thinking about email strategically
instead of responding instantly to every message. Here are ten ideas that
can help make email a more productive  business tool.
1 Put email in its place
For many of us, the most productive hours of the day are in the morning.
But whenever you’re at your most productive, don’t let email intrude. Keep
your most productive period of the day for your action items and projects.
Schedule email instead of allowing it to schedule you.
2 Streamline response
When asking for help or assigning tasks send your request only to those
directly involved—the one(s) with action items. When you include ancillary
recipients it won’t be clear who’s responsible for handling your request.
Keep others in the loop with a separate message, or simply forward the
original with “FYI”.
3 Break the chain
Stop forwarding email chains. Instead, take a few minutes to summarize
what’s important from the previous exchange. Just be sure your summary
is accurate and includes the relevant level of detail. It will take more of your
time, but will be more than offset by time savings for your recipients and
your company.
4 Proof it
Once you hit the send button, your email is “live”. Take a moment to read
your message and make any adjustments for clarity, brevity, grammar, and
spelling. With email, less is usually more—efficient and effective.
5 Can the spam
Even if you never open spam emails they waste your precious time. Every
moment it takes to scan and evaluate subject lines and senders takes time
away from something more important. Use your email application’s rules
and filters to send spam directly to the trash folder.
6 Do it now
Some messages are easier to deal with than others. But the best way to
keep your inbox under control is to deal with messages as you read them.
Whether you reply, delegate, or delete, try to deal with each one. You
probably can’t avoid deferring a few emails, but if you always try for closure
your inbox will stay much more manageable


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